ShanOre Men’s Cross in Onyx


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Shanore’s Large Sterling Silver Men’s Black Onyx Celtic Cross Dog Tag Necklace conveys ambition. Part of our Spirit of the Celt Sky Collection, it draws power from Irish winds, storms, and thunder. The Celtic Cross represents the higher life purpose, while the Celtic Knots enhance security. Black onyx links to Irish sky spirits for healing. Wear this necklace to reach higher in life.

The Large Sterling Silver Men’s Black Onyx Celtic Cross Dog Tag Necklace is majestic. This solid .925 sterling silver piece features a large dog tag pendant set with a black onyx gemstone. On top of it is an ornate Celtic Cross. The bail, the border, and the cross bear Celtic Knot engravings. Dense black, gleaming silver and fine detailing give the piece an elegant look. This necklace is an ideal gift for your husband, boyfriend, or a special friend.

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