Ring Clad SL92


This stunningly beautiful Claddagh ring will bring a smile to any lover of Celtic jewelry. Inscription of the traditional Celtic Claddagh message  ‘love loyalty friendship’.  Reminds the wearer of the importance of each value in day to day life. The small silver hands hold the heart tenderly but with strength balancing the crowning loyalty of the historical trinity.
Unending Quality
Our Shanore jewelers take very seriously the quality of each piece they produce. All the various curves and edges of this ring created with precision attention and commitment. Above All, The design of this unique ring created with a fantastical and determined imagination. Articulated by experienced hands ensuring quality absolutely unmatched in the industry.
The Accompaniment
The versatility of this stunning sterling silver Claddagh ring makes it a popular choice among Celtic jewelry collectors. Without distracting colors or designs this subtle and refined ring worn to any occasion whether it be simple or classy. Wear with relaxed jeans and a flowing silk shirt or combine with the classic little black dress. Allow this ring is to be your ultimate choice for ease of wear.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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