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Our Community

Our Community


What Is An “Angels’ Share”?

The Red Stag Pub has a monthly Charity Event we call “The Angels’ Share”. We donate a percentage of our sales on certain Wednesdays each month to aselected charity — our way of giving back to our local community.


the origination of the Angels’ share

When whiskey is distilled, it is clear like vodka. The deeper colour and highlight flavours are imparted by aging the liquor in casks. Originally, every distillery had its own barrels from oak. As the industry has matured, Bourbon, Sherry and Port cask have been used in different order, combinations and time periods — making each final product much more complex and exciting.

As the cask imparts flavour to the whiskey, some of the whiskey gets absorbed into the cask, and some evaporates and escapes into the storage warehouse — creating a rich atmosphere and odour.  The part that escapes is known as “The Angels’ Share”, and often results in 5% of the whiskey disappearing from the barrels each year.

Recently, even beer has been aged in used whiskey casks to impart a new flavour to the beer. Innis and Gunn from Edinburgh has been wildly popular at the Red Stag, especially when Guinness is floated on top to create or “Black Scot”!  Now, whiskey is poured back into those same casks (like the Jameson “Cask Mates”) to add yet another layer to the flavour.
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Historic Bethlehem

The Downtown Bethlehem Association (DBA) is a council of The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and serves to revitalize, rehabilitate, promote and advance downtown business areas within the city of Bethlehem. It is an organization comprised of business owners who believe that unity is better than isolation and involvement is better than neutrality. The DBA organizes over 100 events a year, to drive foot traffic into Bethlehems Historic and Southside Shopping Districts.  To read more about the DBA visit


You come in here and you feel surrounded by the Old Country. From Donegal to the Pub.  Love the staff, the warmth. Bartenders are phenomenal. Outside is a very welcome addition. Great music. The place speaks for itself.

Felix Pastor

Discover Lehigh Valley

The mission of Discover Lehigh Valley is a simple one, to make sure the everyone and anyone knows about Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) and the amazing places to visit while you’re her

e.  Over the past several years the Lehigh Valley has quickly become one of the top leisure and travel destinations with the best known places to live, dine, shop and start a business.  It is rich and bonded in heritage, community and culture.

Discover Lehigh Valley is supported by partnership dues, a local hotel tax, and advertising and cooperative programs.  We are a proud sponsor/partner of Discover Lehigh Valley and support their efforts to continue to make this area thrive. 

To learn more about the Lehigh Valley and all it has to offer visit


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