The Natty Celt

  • Irish Easter Traditions

      Cake dances, herring funerals, and "cludogs" are all part of Ireland's varied Easter rituals. Easter is the most important date on the Roman Catholic calendar – far more important the Christmas from a religious standpoint. Because Catholicism has been the dominant religion in Ireland, Easter has been almost universally celebrated there for centuries. Over time, many traditions have grown up around the holiday that are peculiar to Ireland. Although Easter doesn’t appear to be connected to a specific old Roman or Celtic holiday (unlike Christmas and Halloween), it seems related to a variety of old spring festivals that relate...

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  • Lehigh Valley, PA Celtic Heritage

    Dear Uncle Edwin, Can you tell me any thing about the Lehigh Valley’s Celtic heritage? I’ve been wondering just how Celtic we really are. -A LEHIGH VALLEY CELT Dear LV Celt, The Celtic heritage of our fair Valley is well established, and I’m happy to let ye in on it.  The first settlers in the Lehigh Valley were Irishmen from Northern Ireland (Ulster) an were of Scotch-Irish descent, though, they considered themse’ves ta be Irish-givin Irish names to many of the outlaying areas. They came to the New World ta escape the dredful famines happ’in o’er there after the collapse...

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